Bovine Intervention: A Lawnmowers, Inc. Sequel

I've been writing, re-writing, editing and proofreading Bovine Intervention since I released Déjà Moo nearly four and a half years ago. Some days were productive, others counter-productive. Some days I felt brilliant about what I was making, but other days I really didn't. Yeah, I thought about ditching it a couple of times, but never seriously. Now, finally...

it's finished.

I wrote the first draft of what would go on to become Déjà Moo in the summer of 2011. Then on November 1st, 2011, I sat down to draft out Bovine Intervention as part of National Writing Month. So much has changed since then — my life, my characters, the world — and the book has gone through eight drafts. Bovine Intervention introduces a new protagonist (tritagonist, if we're being fancy (and we are)): Sahila Paswan. She's probably changed the most over the years.

Here's a look at 2011 Sahila:

"Sahila was 24 years old and unexplainably cheery. She wore bright orange and sang along to the radio as she drove. She had left her job, packed up her plants and left her home behind too."

Some of these things remain true. Some of them, erm, do not. Let's just say no more about that.

Here's a look at 2020 Sahila:

"Sahila never looked forward to group. If it was helping, she hadn’t noticed. Perhaps it was the only thing holding her back from the edge. She’d showed up twice a week, for the last six months, hoping for some clue or breakthrough that might reconcile her with her loss, or help her move on. She felt the emptiness in her chest, in her mouth, like an organ ripped out or a tooth removed."

Yeah, she ain't cheery no more. Nor is she a devout Hindu werewolf locked in a shed with a sacred cow on the night of a full moon. I like to think I've developed some subtlety over the years.

Bovine Intervention is a little bit silly and a little bit sad: a comic-fantasy novel about depression, grief, career anxiety, self-doubt and finding weird friends to be weird with. Déjà Moo was a fun, summer novel; Bovine Intervention is the other side of the coin: a more measured, winter novel.

That makes the timing of its completion spot on; the book will be released around about the time it's set. Cynthia, Daniel, Cherry, Judith, Vince and Sahila will be hitting Kindles on December 18th. I'll be putting it up for pre-order soon so keep an eye out for this:


When Lily the prize-winning Holstein begins to exhibit supernatural symptoms, witch Cynthia Pannettière and celebrity CEO Daniel Wesley reluctantly reunite for a midnight road trip to deliver Lawnmowers, Inc.'s mascot to the magi authorities. Accompanied by Judith, Vince, Cherry and a secretive punk rocker named Sahila, the team must outwit malevolent magi rebels, navigate a castle that's charmed to the teeth and broker a historic truce with the enemy — all while gambling the last of their funds on an original musical that might make or break Lawnmowers, Inc. for good.

Music plays a huge role in the novel, so I've made a playlist to accompany each chapter, and that playlist is available now! Check it out on Spotify:

Keep an eye out for more promos, previews and bonus content in the coming weeks by following me on Twitter @pjbenney.

That's all for now. Take care everyone!

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