December Update

December 4, 2018

Draft 5 of Bovine Intervention: A Lawnmowers, Inc. Sequel is done. There's one sentence I never thought I'd write. The editing process has taken me way longer than expected; I was originally planning to release the book in the summer and I haven't even sent it off to my editor yet! But it's officially coming.


As it stands, Bovine Intervention is 26 Chapters, or 110,000 words long, That's slightly more chapters than Déjà Moo and a few thousand words less. Here's a little promo I made featuring the final line I wrote (so far!) 



The fact is, I knew the book needed much more work, and I've been taking my time on it because it requires dedicated time and energy. Because you readers deserve a quality book. I have been an absolute recluse the last few months; I've ignored messages, abandoned social media (and this blog,) neglected my Goodreads reading challenge, forgotten to go outside quite a few times, and I sacked off NaNoWriMo to boot as well.


For those of you that don't know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. In November, writers pledge to produce 50,000 words of new fiction. For fun. Fun! Yes. I know. I did it a few times but this year was simply not my year. Too much else going on. So what's next?


I will be sending the completed draft of Bovine Intervention over to my editor (highly recommended if you're in the market - click here to visit Blueberry Books' website!) in the new year. We both want a bit of a break during the month of December, so work will resume in January. Once I've taken on board the feedback and made the relevant changes (however big or small they may be), the sixth draft will be complete.


I'll then be looking for beta-readers to take the thing for a test run. Hint hint. If you want to be a beta-reader for my book, you are more than welcome to get in touch. Don't be shy! Find me on Facebook or Twitter and drop me a message - or leave a comment below.


Ultimately, I'm hoping to release the book around June time. Then we can all celebrate, have a glass of wine and go to bed. (Separately! You saucy devils.)


Other points of interest:


- check out my interview with Selcouth Station! They are a fab literary blog and very friendly to both readers, writers and all kinds of artists.

Take a look at the interview here.



- started writing another, separate novel. That means 2019 will be the first time I'm actually juggling two large projects at once. Phew!


- changed the graphics on the website a bit - what do you think?


- found out the other day that one of my favourite contemporary authors, who has just released their fifth book, has a full-time job as well. That makes me feel #1 like having an ordinary job is still okay and #2 good lord that author must work hard. I'm tired just thinking about it.


- a few more people have been asking me about audio books and paperbacks and my stock answer is that demand is too low for me to even bother investing time and money in them. Agree? Disagree? Do you want to see these in the world? Let me know!


- currently reading Circe by M. Miller, The Craft Sequence by M. Gladstone and The Invisible Library books by G. Cogman - a huge slew of fantasy books that are doing a great job of keeping me inspired.


- my books have been downloaded a whopping 228 times in the last three months. I haven't seen anything like it before and I am rather pleased. If you're one of those people, be a good egg and leave a review! Indie authors love reviews. We keep them in jars, like the BFG. If you feel like being a good egg and leaving a review, click here!


Until next time!

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