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Time is relative.

Fame is fiction.

Witches beget witches.


Four short prequels

from the

Lawnmowers, Inc. universe!

One researcher.

Many universes.

A hell of a discovery.



P. J. Benney is a fantasy and science-fiction writer living in London. After the opening chapter of his novel Déjà Moo won the University of Roehampton's Novel Writing Prize in 2013, he supposed he should probably finish the rest of it. A few people have described him as funny, but he's not sure if this was a compliment or not. His current hairstyle is 'surprised'. 

Grunge Rock


A Lawnmowers, Inc. Sequel

Old friends.

A new adventure.

A heifer that really wants to kick someone.




I offer a variety of paid and free services for writers. Take a look at the options below and see how I can help you achieve your goals.

Proofreading: If you need someone to check grammar, spelling and punctuation on an otherwise-finished piece of work, then my proofreading option may suit you. 

Rate: 2 GBP (£2) per 250 words.

Editing: If you need a critical eye on a work in progress, I can provide suggestions, observations and annotations, as well as identify ways to improve both the piece, and your writing style. 

Rate: 3 GBP (£3) per 250 words. 


Beta reading: If you are testing out your novel (or any other piece of writing) on real, live humans, I will read it and give you basic feedback for FREE! I don't always have time to squeeze these in but you are welcome to ask if I'm available.

Think I can help you? Use the form below to get in touch and let's have a conversation over email, social media or Skype. I look forward to hearing from you!



Need another editing package? I use Blueberry Books myself. Katie Wheeler offers a variety of editing packages for writers at every stage of the creative process. Get in touch via the website for a quote.


Ann's a digital marketer and fantasy writer, and this website would not exist without her invaluable help! Got any questions about social media, SEO or marketing? There's no one better to ask.



Paul's the author of horror/

sci-fi novel Chromozone and a champion of indie authors. If you need help promoting your work, visit his website to find out more. 

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